Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Purple Carrots!

On a recent trip to the local farmers market (only held monthly here sadly) I came home with a bunch of purple carrots.

I'd seen them in magazines before but never had any, so was keen to try them. They looked such an amazing colour- I'm sure they're full of antioxidants and healthy stuff like that. Regular orange carrots are low GI (41), I can only presume that purple carrots would have a similar value.

Carrots aren't my favourite vegetable it really must be said- I much prefer asparagus, avocado, corn or edamame. I particularly dislike raw carrot, but am moderately partial to it when it has been cooked. I even make a rather delicious carrot soup by choice at times. It would be rather fun to make a purple carrot soup, maybe I'll have to try that some time.

I wasn't particularly adventurous with my exciting purple carrots. I peeled and blanched them and ate them with Nigella Lawson's absolutely delicious peanut butter hummus. It was fun. They tasted like carrots, but were quite a bit more subtle in taste than regular orange carrots. Next time I will have to try to get some of the pale lemony coloured carrots.


  1. They do look gorgeous. We grew our own purple potatoes last year but alas, although they tasted nice, they turned a nasty cement grey when they were cooked.

  2. Thanks Lisa. Yes it was exciting that they maintained their colour, I did ask if they were like purple asparagus which sadly looks just like normal asparagus when it's cooked. They actually were a bit like beetroot in that they stained the other vegies by the time I got to having lunch.