Saturday, 30 August 2014

Superfood Cooking Class

I'd always been meaning to take some classes at my local cooking school, Orange Regional Cooking School. Recently I finally got organised and got myself along to two classes. Both were great.  The first class was a soup night, and the second of these classes was a superfood cooking class. While I generally think that superfood is an overused term, I get that it's being used to encourage people to eat nourishing natural foods, and that's a good thing.

A demonstration class, we have a lovely glass of wine, and sit back to watch someone else do all the work. And then we eat the spoils. For the superfood class Lesley Russell was joined by Lindl Taylor. Lindl used to run the fantastic Energize Cafe, sadly missed by all who ever went there.

There were many courses this night, all delicious.

Kale Chips
Mojito Smoothie, sadly without rum
Cauliflower, kale, anchovy and garlic

Freekah pilaf

Quinoa salad with roast sweet potato and orange vinaigrette
topped with lamb

Chia and coconut pudding

There was a soup as well- Roast garlic, faro and chicken soup- but I must have been in a frenzy and forgot to photograph it. It was a fantastic evening. I learnt so much. 

Even really simple things that I haven't done before
like chopping an orange- not in quarters
I've cooked quinoa before, and use it quite regularly, but learnt some new tips to try next time I prepare it. I've never cooked freekah, farro or kale before, and I felt empowered to give it a go at the end of the class. I was thrilled to learn how to make and cook cauliflower rice.

I've already cooked two of the recipes at home. I've made the chia and coconut pudding twice now- it's very delicious. And tonight I made the cauliflower and kale- I made a vegetarian version topped with tofu for Master Adventures and I- he rated it 7/10! A major victory.

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  1. This sounds like my kind of cooking class! I've tried making kale chips several times and can never get them just right... always too oily or burnt to a crisp. Any special pointers to share?

  2. What a great class! The servings of food look delicious! I need to try the cauliflower rice.

  3. I need to learn about those superfoods! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  4. I'm with JoAnn about having terrible luck with kale chips. I know several people who love them but I've never been able to make them work. Lots of interesting food. I've made quinoa a few times and always enjoy it.

  5. What a fantastic opportunity! I like all the different grains and we're huge fans of kale.

  6. Great blog idea Louise. You should keep it up with this blog too. Who doesn't want a yummy healthy meal ? I shared it with a group of foodies here in Switzerland.

  7. Great blog idea Louise. You should keep it up with this blog too. Who doesn't want a yummy healthy meal ? I shared it with a group of foodies here in Switzerland.


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