Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a wonderful treat at any time of year. A delicious, filling breakfast. A healthy desert. A great snack. It's always slightly different depending on what fruits are available at the time of year. 

A near perfect fruit salad-pear, fig, raspberry, blueberry. Heaven. 

The GI ratings of individual fruits can be tricky to remember, but you can make some generalities.

Temperate fruits tend to be ok. Orchard fruits, citrus and berries.

Apple (38)
Apricot (34)
Blueberries (53)
Grapefruit (25)
Grapes (53)
Kiwifruit (53)
Nectarine (43)
Orange (42)
Peaches (42)
Pear (38)
Plums (39)
Raspberries- although untested, have little or no carbs. YAY I think they might be my absolute favourite fruit!
Strawberries (40)

Fig yoghurt completes it

Tropical fruits are more problematic, with just 2 being low GI.

Mango (51) Although mango is a very close second.
Banana (52)

Other tropical fruits have higher GI values, but that doesn't mean you can put some in a fruit salad.

Pineapple (59)
Paw paw (56)
Rockmelon/cantaloupe (88) is this the reason it's my favourite melon?
Watermelon (76)

The GI of figs hasn't been done, but dried figs are medium GI 61.

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  1. Interesting -- I'm only vaguely aware of the GI ratings of foods. I do know that we live on fruit salad in the summer. I always have a huge bowl of it and I make it with whatever looks good at the farmers market and fill in with melons and pineapple from the store if need be. I didn't realize that cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon were high-ish in GI. Hummmm.

  2. I'm not up on the GI rating at all but a fruit salad is welcome at any time in FL but especially now that the high temps and humidity have really kicked in. Have a great weeekend!

  3. Not up on the GI ratings, but that fruit salad looks so good. Fig yogurt looks like a most delicious topping.

  4. My family adore fresh fruit salad. They wont touch the canned stuff, but finish fresh no matter how much I make.

  5. Only vaguely GI rating savvy, but fruit salad is always on our menu during the summer!

  6. Low GI is new to me too. I like the mix of fruits in your salad. I've mixed those fruits together with the exception of figs. I'll have to try that. Raspberries are ripening in the garden right now. The best way to eat them is straight off the bush after a rain.

  7. I love berries in yogurt, and we have this for breakfast most everyday.

  8. Love fruit salad in the summertime. It's interesting to see their individual ratings.

  9. That looks delicious and summery - my mouth waters just looking at it!

  10. I hear ya - I just love my fruit salad!

  11. I love fruit salads, too. Thanks for the GI information for all those fruits!