Monday, 6 August 2012

Vogel's Golden Baked Cluster Crunch

It only occurred to me quite recently that I had never mentioned my absolute favourite Low Gi cereal. This has been my go to cereal for several years. Indeed since I first tried it. I happily eat this cereal most of the year round. There's always a box in the cupboard. Of course in the winter I take a break and eat some fabulous porridge. Sometimes I make my own muesli. But I go back to eating Cluster Crunch.

There are a range of flavours but we only get the
Classic Cluster Crunch locally
It is crunchy and fabulous. Recently I went to buy some and they'd moved it on the shelf at the supermarket and I must admit to a bit of a panic until I found it. Hoping that it hadn't been discontinued, or just not being sold a my local supermarket. Happily I found it again. Crisis averted.

It's great plain, I try not to eat it straight from the box,
but it does make a nice snack

I often add seasonal fruit

Or some of my fabulous baked rhubarb with yoghurt and almonds