Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beetroot and Apple Juice

I love beetroot, and never seem to cook or eat it often enough.  I can't seem to find a GI rating for fresh beetroot, only that for tinned beetroot! (64, which is medium). Are we that awful that we eat more tinned beetroot than fresh? Probably. 

Vegetable juice has a rating of 43. I'm not sure what is meant by vegetable juice though. Probably a carrot or tomato based juice. Neither of which I particularly like. Apple juice is low GI (40).

Beetroot is said to be low in carbohydrate, so the glycaemic load is low for typical servings. It is just such a marvelous colour that it must be chock full of nutrients. I just feel so virtuous eating it, and now drinking it. 

I've been buying the occasional bottle of this delicious Sunraysia Beetroot and Apple Juice for a few months now. We don't normally keep juice in the house. But as I don't drink tea or coffee, sometimes you need a bit of a break from water. 

Beware. The nice looking blueberry juice is not in the same league as the beetroot and apple juice at all. The beetroot and apple is just juice. The blueberry juice is just 18% juice, and the rest water and sugar. I wasn't expecting that. Tasty and all of course, but not quite as good for us. 

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