Friday, 28 January 2011

Banana Ice Cream!

Ice Cream tends to be not all that good for us, but here is a simple, homemade "ice cream" that actually is good for us- and tasty too! Bananas are delicious, low GI (52), a good source of potassium, fibre and vitamin B6. And this frozen treat is all banana!

I was rather sceptical when I saw this on blogs all over the blogosphere (the most excellent example being here). I generally don't like the texture of mushy bananas, so wasn't sure how I was going to like this. And it looked too easy. Turns out it is very easy. And very delicious.

The only thing I would add is that frozen whole bananas are VERY difficult to peel, and so I will trial freezing peeled bananas instead- it has to be easier.

Banana Ice Cream
Makes 3 modest servings

2 frozen bananas, peeled, chopped in chunks

Pop frozen banana chunks into your handy food processor

and whizz for a few minutes, until texture becomes creamy.

Add flavourings as you wish. Tonight I trialled nutmeg which was good. I recently learned that ingestion of large amounts of nutmeg can cause psychosis! So, naturally was keen to try it out on the family......

Mr Adventures was a bit reluctant in his praise for this new confection, but is willing to keep eating it, and Master Adventures ate his share without complaint (which is about all any parent can hope for I suspect, he is allegedly going through a not liking bananas phase, when we all know he has loved them since he was a baby). Neither complained of hallucinations, and sadly mine don't appear to have started as yet.

Tomorrow I'm going to try banana cinnamon ice cream. I'm also thinking about adding medjool date or honey or maybe my gingerbread spice. The possibilities are endless I'm sure. I know that I should be a good blogger and try some more variations before posting, but well, I just can't wait. It's delicious, please give it a go.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Louise! And I'm glad you liked this too (it's funny how we banana-haters can so easily be swayed by an ice-cream interpretation :P) Oh, and I always, always, always peel my bananas before freezing them - I'm sorry I didn't think to mention that on my post!

    Love the gingerbread spice idea, particularly as I love using cinnamon here. Nutmeg shall definitely be next, but sadly I've run out of frozen bananas after having too many green smoothies and forgetting to replenish!

  2. Not sure if you're incuding me in the banana-hater camp there Hannah, but I'm definitely in the banana liking camp to begin with. But yes, an ice cream is lure enough for most of us. I've made it the last two nights now. Once with nutmeg, then once with cinnamon. I probably preferred the cinnamon. Will have to try the gingerbread spice next time. And at least now I know that I have to peel the bananas first. I'm still going to keep my frozen bananas for ice cream at this stage, and skip the green smoothies. I know that frozen banana is meant to be better for smoothie texture though- green or not.